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Passionate Professing Produces Prompt Perfecting July 24, 2010

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Olasine (pronounced oh-la-seen) had never heard of school or heard of education. She didn’t really know what they meant because she had never heard the words used before. However, that didn’t mean she was smart. The way that she was always taught to learn was through experience and by getting quiet. That is, when she was young, whenever she needed to know something, she would just get quiet and the answers to her questions would always come to her. She didn’t know that people in different parts of the world actually went to a place called school to learn about things for such long periods of time everyday.

As Olasine started to get older, she started wonder more about these place where people got together and learned things. She wondered what it would be like to go to ‘school’ and have ‘education.’ Her parents always explained to her that education was not something that she necessarily had to get from somewhere else. They continued to tell her that merely living was a form of education and that with all of the exploring she did in nature, it was as good as any education she would ever get anywhere. Although, they also told her that going to a place like ‘school’ just might be something she would want to do someday.

Her parents were very careful not to influence her in any way as to a decision that she may or may not want. That is to say, her parents didn’t want to make her decision for her before Olasine had a chance to think about what she truly wanted.

After much deliberation, Olasine eventually settled on wanting to go to school. Her parents agreed that if this was what she wanted then they weren’t going to stop her from it. They took her to the closest school for an interview, which of course, she aced. It was the kind of school where living there was required, so Olasine had to really evaluate how committed she was to going to this school. She concluded that she was willing to live there. She knew that she would be able to go and visit her parents at some point, so it wouldn’t be too rough on her.


Four months later when Olasine returned home, she was bustling with joy and excitement. She had been away from her parents for so long and she couldn’t wait to tell them all about the wonderful school experience that she had. Olasine brought her parents out into the garden and they all sat down, so that Olasine could tell them all about the wonderful adventures she had at while she was at school.

Olasine explained to them how the students were all split up into ‘families.’ There were between 6 and 8 people of varying ages that lived together and they were like a family. They were meant to look after each other while they were there at school. She thought that was pretty cool. The older ones in the family who had been there for awhile were able to coach the younger students and they were able to make it so that they all lived together harmoniously.

She wen on in talking about what the school was like. Olasine explained that everyone had different things to do. Some of the students answered the phones for the school and mailed letters. Olasine said that she later learned that this was ‘administrative’ work. She said the students also cooked for each other. During the day, when some students were off doing other things, the students that were really interested in cooking were in the kitchen preparing the meals for the rest of the students throughout the day. Olasine thought that was pretty cool because she thought that someday she’d like to learn how to cook.

The next thing that she talked about was buildings. Olasine was amazed that all of the buildings on the campus were built by the students themselves! Some of the students were really interested in the structures and how they were built, so with their time, while some students were cooking or doing administrative work, these particular students helped to build more places to ‘house’ students. The structures where the administrative and cooking was done had already been completed, so more housing seemed appropriate.

Then, Olasine went on to talk about what she was doing, along with other students. Olasine got to pick a subject that she was very interested in – biology, of course – because the way the body worked was always fascinating to her. After picking this subject, she was to study it and learn it in great detail such that she would be able to teach it to her her compatriots. While she was doing this, the other students were doing just the same. That is, the students who were passionate about math, studied math. The students who were passionate about chemistry, studied chemistry. The students who were passionate about poetry, studied poetry.

Olasine marveled at how wonderful it was that she was able to study biology for such extended periods of time. She also really liked that she was responsible for her fellow students’ understanding of biology. She felt that she would be able to really get a complete knowledge of the field of biology and be able to teach it to the other students because of how passionate she was about the subject. As well, she thought it would be appropriate that the other students would teach her about their passions and it would be easy for them because they were passionate about it.



1. Mr.Millionaire - July 26, 2010

Good article.

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 26, 2010

Thank you. I’m just doing what I can with the power that I was given – (the same power all of us were given). 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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