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Bees Make Life Sweet July 19, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Buzzzzzzz, right past Florena’s (pronounced floor-en-uh) head. It was a bee on its way to pollinate the various flowers and plants. Florena rather liked bees. She thought that they were such an integral part of the universe, especially when you look at the Earth as a system of systems that interact with one another. Florena wondered how people from the time of her grandparents could have ever considered bees not important. She wondered how people could have ever imagined that the electromagnetic waves did not affect the path of bees. She wondered how people could be so near-sighted.

She still remembered the talk she had with her parents gave when she was becoming a little bit too agitated by it all. Her parents would tell her that people were not intentionally trying to hurt the bees and by extension, the Earth. Her parents explained to her that no one has ever (or ever will be) that destructive, intentionally, that is. The people who created the technology that harms the environment were just doing so because they thought it would make life easier – and better. Never did they imagine that what they were creating was actually harmful to the environment.

Florena understood what her parents were telling her and she could conceive of a time before hers where people were, in a way, accidental. That is, not the people themselves, but what they did or more specifically, the results of their behavio[u]r seemed accidental.  Another bee zipped near her and she smiled.

She was thankful that someone finally did come to the realization. Well, that’s not true. Many people knew that what was happening was harmful when it was happening, but the people who knew didn’t necessarily feel motivated or passionate enough to speak up. They didn’t feel inspired to meet the creator’s of such technology on their own level. Yes, they would speak displeasures to their friends and those whom would listen, but this was not necessarily going to help solve the ‘problem.’ This was only serving to perpetuate the problem in the air by talking about how ‘poor’ it was.

Florena was glad that her parents’ generation had people in it who felt motivated to meet people where they were. There was something wonderful about her parents’ generation and she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. It was almost as if her parents’ generation incarnated just to help or assist the Earth at the time. And what a wonderful job they’ve done. Florena looked around at the beauty that surrounded her: bright green trees, vibrant colo[u]rful flowers, growth, and everything was full of life.

While Florena understood the idea that nothing died, there was still something different about how her grandparents described their experience of the natural world and how Florena actually experienced the natural world. There was almost as if there was something living inside each and every single organism that she had ever interacted with.

Once more she reflected on the wondrous-ness of the natural world that she was able to bear witness to at that very moment. Something about it… hmmm. It was right there on the tip of her tongue, but she wasn’t quite sure what it was. She thought back to the beginning of her thoughts this particular sitting and remembered the bees. Ah yes! The bees! Systems, networks, interactions – it’s all connected.

Florena remembered just why she was so enamo[u]red with all of natural world. It was because how everything seemingly got along. That is, everything had its place, its role. There was no ‘accidental-ness‘ to anything that the natural world did. She pointed to a plant and thought that it was growing there because of the shade that was created from the trees growing above it or else the sun would have ‘scorched’ it too hot. The plant was also able to thrive because there was enough rain in this area to support the life of it. As well, it had deterrents growing on its stem so as to keep away predators from attempting to dismember it. And the bees, she laughed. Of course, the bees. If there weren’t bees in this area to pollinate the flower of the plant, than the plant couldn’t have continued to grow.

Florena reflected for a little bit on what bees meant to the planet. Bees were vital to the process of making honey. They were also vital to the process of life. Bees fly from flower-to-flower pollinating. She was beginning to draw some parallels – bees are able to add to flowers and by extension life, because flowers are in essence, life. Bees make honey, which tastes sweet (she immediately was able to taste honey in her mouth and this made her smile). So, in tying all this together, Florena thought to herself: bees make life sweet.



1. JokiLoki22 - July 19, 2010

Interesting and well written, interesting to see something from a child’s perspective. Great prose and choice of words.
Just a quick head’s up, paragraph two in the first sentence you have a typo, I’m assuming it should read something like, “She still remembered…”

TheIntentionalSage - July 19, 2010

Ah! Thanks for the heads-up. I guess the spell-check didn’t catch that error. 🙂

Most of the ‘imaginings’ that I write aren’t necessarily from a child or adult’s perspective. I can see how some people would project a child speaking and some would project an adult speaking. Usually, I am seeing the ‘people’ as ‘ageless.’

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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