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Kin Keeps Kindness Known July 15, 2010

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Today was different. For some reason, he felt that he needed to be somewhere else than where he usually was. At this time of day, Forow (pronounced for-oh) would normally be spending time lying down nestled in amongst the tall grasses, enjoying the sunlight. However, today felt like he was to be somewhere different. Over time, Forow has learned to trust this feeling, no matter how strange it may seem. These feelings or intuitions, were always on the mark. They had never led him astray and he doubted that they would this time.

Forow stood there and tuned into those feelings he was having – to not go to his usually spot. When he listened, he got an image of his normal spot. It was sunny, the tall grasses were blowing in the wind, and there seemed to be somebody or something else there. He understood that his going there would have disrupted whatever activity that was happening, so he was to be somewhere else this time. Where that was to be, he wasn’t sure. What he was to be doing, he didn’t know. But he knew, that he was to follow his inner knowing-ness to the answer.

He started to walk. There was no particular destination or direction in mind, just casually walking. He was looking up and noticing the birds flying from tree-to-tree. It was as if they were playing a childhood game of tag. He smiled as he recalled playing this when he was a young boy. Forow then allowed his eyes to rest upon the afternoon sky. It was still sky blue, but there was a tinge to it that was changing that always happened in the afternoon. The trees were alive with the wind and the sound of the rustling leaves always reminded Forow of his brother Clinwe (pronounced clin-wee) who was always climbing a tree wherever he was.

Clinwe didn’t care how big or how small the tree was, there was something for him about being in trees that just made him feel like home. Sometimes, he would even climb trees that appeared un-climbable. He would find a way. It was almost as if he wasn’t even a human and he was some sort of cross-breed of species where he had the grip strength of a spider (as they are commonly seen resisting the forces of gravity. Clinwe also had a very light foot. That is, you would be walking with him and all of sudden, he was gone. When he disappeared, you wouldn’t know where he went, either.

Well, you would know that he went into a tree, but you wouldn’t be sure which tree it was because of how he swift he was – like a cat. Clinwe and Forow would often spend time playing games where one of them would disappear into the forest and the other one would have to search. Clinwe would so often be in a tree and Forow knew this, so when it was Forow’s turn to search, he usually walked around with his eyes facing upwards. Clinwe knew this, so every once and awhile, he would use this to his advantage and hide somewhere on the ground – lying down. In times like these, it often took Forow an extra while to find Clinwe and when he did, they would usually have a good laugh about it.

Sometimes, Forow would trip over Clinwe and instantly – laughter. The joy that those two brothers could have together was endless. Playing in the forest, climbing trees, searching for each other – they definitely knew how to have a good time.

As Forow continued to walk it was starting to make sense to him – Clinwe! It must have been a couple of weeks since he last saw Clinwe because Clinwe had ventured off on a journey. Today, Clinwe must be needing some extra energy. Of course! It is all making sense. There was someone in Forow’s usual spot today because Forow wouldn’t have thought about Clinwe had he not just began “randomly” walking through the forest. Because he did, he reflected on his times spent with Clinwe and because he spent time reflecting on Clinwe, he remembered that Clinwe was on a journey.

On this journey, it made sense that Clinwe might need a little extra energy, so Forow got the inkling to spend some time sending Clinwe energy. A great big smile emerged on Forow’s face. He loved how something so simple could be conveyed to him in the most peculiar ways.



1. Marla - July 16, 2010

Very nice blog. Thank you for stopping by my place. 🙂

Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 17, 2010

Thank you. I am just doing what I can with the power that I was given (the same that all of us has). 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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