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Noticing the Hints, Caring for the Body July 13, 2010

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Rinvulopia (pronounced rin-va-low-pea-uh) was a firm believer in her ability. More than that, she was a firm believer in her body. She knew that her body was able to take her to places she had never been and do things she had never imagined. Because of this, she knew that she needed to respect, honor, and care for her body the same way that she cared for her mind. And because of this, she was very astute at taking signals and messages from her body.

Sometimes, she would go to begin an activity, maybe, walking, running, or swimming, and she would get a feeling in her legs almost as if they were heavy. When she received signals like this, she knew that it was very important to heed these signals. She knew that they wouldn’t be important unless her body was trying to tell her something. So, when these kinds of things happened, she would always pay careful attention to what was going on inside her body.

She knew that these signals weren’t happenstance. She knew that they were happening for a reason. Maybe it was that her body was tired and it needed more rest time or maybe her body was aware that exercise wasn’t the optimal activity for Rinvulopia at that specific time. She trusted her body to know what was best for it and because of that, treated it almost as if it were another person altogether.

Rinvulopia wasn’t behaving as if she was separate from her body, but her grandparents used to tell her about how people would always be so concerned about their neighbor and what was happening with other people. Her grandparents would say that people used to care more about other people than themselves. It was hard for Rinvulopia to imagine this kind of a scenario because in her time, she knew that caring for one’s body carried eons of importance. If everyone cared for their body, then there wouldn’t be a need for other people to invest themselves over-the-top in caring for other people.

She understood that some people had a hard time caring for themselves, even today, but she knew of people that were able to help them. In fact, she helped to teach some of these people about how to help people listen to their body. Actually helping the specific people was not Rinvulopia’s task, she knew. However, she did feel the inspiration to be involved in the beginning stages of helping these people by helping those who would be helping them. In these training sessions, Rinvulopia would do all kinds of demonstrations, but her favorite one was when she just used her intuition.

Rinvulopia would have everyone sit quietly, while she waited for someone’s body to have some sort of message. That is, she knew that there was no way that everyone was meant to be sitting still for the remainder of however she saw fit, so she knew that someone’s body was going to react to this. Because of her keen intuition, she was always able to spot the body that was having a hard time. She would then go up to the person and begin questioning them about how they were feeling and more specifically how their body was feeling. She understood that people weren’t always comfortable listening to their body’s signals and often ignored them, but examples like this made it easier for people to understand.

Just because Rinvulopia was telling everyone to sit still didn’t mean that they had to. While yes, she was playing a role that had an authoritative component, she explained that this kind of unnecessary ‘following of orders’ is how people became so disconnected from their body in the first place. Because of the times when she would talk to her grandparents, she knew how people used to be in the olden times. She knew that people would sit at desks in an upright position for hours on end and then drive home in their environmentally-harmful vehicles – sitting upright. All the while, their body screaming at them to not do what they were doing.

Everyone’s body knew that the way in which they were handling themselves was poor and that is why some of these people would become ill. Some of these people would develop back problems, quite common, while others would develop other kinds of knee, joint, hip, and bone problems. The many ways that these illnesses could manifest were infinite, but Rinvulopia understood the principles as to why this happened. As she understood the principles to one’s body where one’s environment is mirrored in one’s body, she loved explaining this to people. She loved telling these ‘trainers-to-be’ that the “macrocosm of the world is in the microcosm of your body.”

It was so simple for her to see this happening, but she was lucky. She was fortunate enough to have parents and caretakers around her that allowed her to explore the natural world around her when she was young. There wasn’t any discipline; there wasn’t any pre-school. She would crawl around (and when old enough, walk) around the acres and acres of forest that she lived on. She would learn from the bugs, she would learn from the animals, and she would learn from the birds. Everything had its place and everything did its role. There was nothing that ever happened without reason.



1. Alexandra Coulter - July 16, 2010

This story might well save us all (by eliminating the attachment to doctors and prescription medications(. We would have no need for health care reform, at all. Thank you, wise sage, for sharing this beautiful story and reminding me that my own body knows what it wants.

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 16, 2010

Ah, this would just be the beginning. I used to be very against the medical establishment, but I’ve come to realize that there have been great revelations that have come from that particular community. There have been some excellent strides made to preserve health (and prevent dis-ease). However, I do still think that there has to be more of a harmonization between ‘alternative’ medicine and conventional medicine.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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