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Expand Your Mind… You Never Know What May Happen July 12, 2010

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She was looking very closely at the tree. She wasn’t sure if she was seeing things, or if there was actually something there to be seen. Shilina (pronounced sha-lee-nah) had always had very good vision, so this was a bit peculiar for her or so she thought. She maneuvered her body such that her face was very close to the leaves of the tree and she relaxed her gaze. When she did this, she saw it again!

There very definitely was something that was moving on the leaves. When she looked with her normal vision, she didn’t see it. Shilina had to put herself into a relaxed state before she was able to see just what was on the leaves. When she did this, she was able to see a whole network of things. She saw what looked like little balls of energy moving around in, at first, what seemed to be very unorganized pathways. Later, she was able to see that there was nothing chaotic about what she was seeing. These balls of light seemed purposeful in motion and had a place that they were going.

Some of the energy was going towards the edge of the leaf and some of the energy was traveling down the leaf. Some of the energy was going one-way across the leaf and some of the energy was going the other way across the leaf. Further still, some of the energy seemed to be circling in around in the same place, but when she followed the ball that was circling, she realized that it was that these balls were actually moving and not just staying in the same line.

Shilina wasn’t sure what to make of what she was seeing, but she knew that there had to be something. It wasn’t everyday that people just saw balls of energy moving on trees and leaves. She wondered who she could ask about such a strange experience and then something else happened. Something which she is very grateful for, but initially, gave her just as much of a scare as seeing the balls of energy did!

There was what appeared to be a person came up next to her and began speaking to her. However, this person was not a person as Shilina was, this person was transparent. That is, Shilina could see through this person, but the person still appeared normal. The person then began speaking. “I am Qaz [pronounced kazz]. You needn’t feel frightened by my presence. I am merely here to help answer some of your questions.”

Shilina, still a little stunned by what was happening, looked over at Qaz and said, “Umm, are you. . . alive?”

Qaz laughed and responded, “Everything is alive, Shilina. Nothing ever dies. But I understand what you are saying. I currently do not inhabit the material plane within the confines of a body, but I can be seen by those who are willing to expand their mind. Some people have referred to me as a ‘spirit,’ and this makes it more comfortable for them. That is, having a category as something to call me is helpful to their personality, but it isn’t necessary. I can see that I have surprised you by my visit, but I can assure you, seeing me is something that you were ready for, or else you wouldn’t be seeing me. Something inside of you wanted to see me, and that is why I have appeared here today.”

Shilina pondered that thought for a moment. Something inside of her wanted to see Qaz, what was inside of her other than her?

Answering almost instinctively to her thought, Qaz assuringly went on, “You are inside of you, Shilina.” Qaz laughed. “The part of you that asked for me to appear is the same part of you that is part of me. I know that you’ve explored the concept of everyone and everything all being one, but you’ve given little thought to how this actually affects you and others. This is an example of how the oneness of all things affects you. It was that you wanted someone to talk to about these balls of energy you saw around the leaves, which is perfectly natural, by the way, so, naturally, I appeared as someone you could feel comfortable talking to. At first, seeing me was rather startling, but I know, and you know, that deep down, inside of you, there is something that is so familiar about seeing me. There is something comfortable in hearing my words and there will be something comfortable when you begin to speak to me about your experiences. Talking to me will feel like talking to an old friend because in a way, you will be.”

For some reason, everything that Qaz was saying was making sense to Shilina. She was nodding through everything Qaz was saying, but she wasn’t sure why. Nonetheless, she knew that there was truth in what he was saying and because of it, a smile broke out over her face. With that smile and passionate energy of a child who is discovering the world for the first time, she began to talk to him about the balls of energy she observed.



1. Brown Eyed Mystic - July 14, 2010

Brilliant piece.

It’s a shame to call it brilliant actually–it is more like “priceless”. And so is calling it a “piece”–sorry, I am now pursuing a writer’s path so uttered that one.

But what I read is something that connects to my deeper self.


2. TheIntentionalSage - July 14, 2010

Why thank you. One of the people that I correspond with via e-mail said they rather liked this particular “imagining” and said I should submit it to a short story contest.
No need to correct yourself, you are allowed to call it what you will. As you will notice from the sentences above, to me, it seems right to call them ‘imaginings.’ 🙂
I am glad you can find something here that helps you to connect to your deeper self. That’s so refreshing! 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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