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Simplicity at its Best July 8, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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The light show was amazing to see. The rain was coming down very heavily as it usually did in a storm. It was no matter because all Rilowen (pronounced rell-oh-ween) could look at was the sky. The amazing sky that was displaying all kinds of beautiful fractals of light. The lightning was something that she had rarely been able to witness, as it wasn’t a common thing where she lived. She knew why lightning occurred and that’s why she understood that it wasn’t a common thing to see. Nonetheless, she still admired it when she had the opportunity to witness such natural feats.

Rilowen reflected on the ideas that her grandparents used to tell her about when it came to lightning when they were still alive. She knew that in her grandparents’ time, it was still unclear as to how lightning transpired. Rilowen knew the answer, though. She had done much thinking around the topic as it was one of her interests when she was younger. She would spend countless hours deep in thought playing out all kinds of permutations as to reasons why it might be. Many times, she thought she came to the conclusion, but her answer wouldn’t be able to explain a certain nuance, so she would have to start over.

Eventually, she came to the conclusion, that it must be simple because all things in nature are simple. The only way that they become complicated is when humans attempt to ascribe meaning and dissect the complication out of the nature. This was why it was so difficult for people back in the time of Rilowen’s grandparents to understand the simplicity of lightning. She laughed as she recalled some of the possible explanations for lightning, until remembering her own conclusion.

Lightning was a massive amount of electricity, Rilowen knew that. As she had that thought, another bolt lit up the sky in all its wonder. Whenever she saw this magic, it almost always redirected her to the present moment. Yes yes, she remembered, the lightning explanation. So, lightning was a massive amount of electricity. Lightning didn’t happen all the time, only at certain times. So, she figured that lightning had to do with a lot of electricity. She went over various scenarios until it came to her… lightning must be the release of excess electricity in the air! Of course! When Rilowen came to the conclusion, she wondered how she could have ever missed that in previous thinkings.

When electricity grows and grows in the sky (more specifically, the ions that make up part of the sky), there needs to be a discharge of energy. As a result of this, she knew that lightning must be this discharge that humans are able to witness with their eyes. She laughed to herself remembering the time that it came to her as more lightning blasted the sky.

Then, an idea came to her. If electricity was being discharged from the sky in the form of lightning, why couldn’t she harness this energy and use it to power some of the electronics that she had. She enjoyed gathering energy from wind and energy from sun, but she thought that lightning presented a unique opportunity to harness grand amounts of electricity all at once. So, she closed her eyes and imagined a way for the electricity from the lightning to hit a certain spot near to where she was. When she did this, almost instantly, the lightning responded by hitting the exact spot that she wanted.

This made Rilowen stop and think. Somehow, she had made the lightning respond to what she had thought. She wondered if this was a fluke or if she could do it again. So, she imagined the lightning hitting the exact same spot. Because she had heard how rare this was, she thought that if the lightning hit the same spot twice, then she must have had some sort of effect on it. Without fail, the lightning struck the same spot. Wow! Rilowen was amazed at what she had stumbled upon. By connecting with the natural world around her, she was able to have an effect on its outcome.

The rain began to increase in its intensity. As this happened, The thunder got a little louder. Rilowen thought that she had done it now. She was going to have to think up something for the lightning to strike that would allow her to harness the energy. The rain started to soften a little bit and with that, Rilowen looked up at the sky. She had sort of forgotten that it was raining this whole time because she was focusing so much on the lightning. Even with the rarity of the lightning, she knew that she had discovered something and that because of this, the lightning would return. She decided to allow her thinking mind to soften, while she laid down in a comfortable position to take in the rain.

It was hitting spots all over her body and when it would hit her face, it would make her giggle with pleasure. Lightning was an amazing thing to behold, but that didn’t make the rain any less miraculous to experience. With a smile from ear-to-ear, Rilowen allowed the energy of the rain to rejuvenate her own.

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