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Every Path has Many Destinations July 7, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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They had already been hiking for a quite some time. They had passed all sorts of beautiful wonder along their way. They had seen flowers the size of beach-balls and seen plant leaves the size of tables. This place was beautiful. Wifren (pronounced we-freen) and his lovely partner Meliopa (pronounced mel-ee-oh-pa) loved to go for excursions away from their Hawai’i oasis. Yes, they had a lovely round home and wonderful acreage with which to explore, but there was something about trekking out into the unknown. Even though they had seen a fair bit of this garden island, they knew that they hadn’t seen it all.

On this particular track, they already had to ford a few rivers that were present because of the copious amounts of rainfall that the island had been receiving lately. No matter, they had done it plenty of times before. They were well prepared in that they weren’t wearing many clothes – just what the people from olden times used to call ‘bathing suits’ – and they had the proper footwear with which to walk in the water or on the land.

There were many times along the path that Wifren wanted to stop, so they stopped. When they would stop, Wifren commonly wanted to savor all of the beauty that was ever-present in the field around him. He wanted to take in the sights, sounds, and smells.

With his eyes, he would see beautiful splendor. The trees intermixed with the abundance of plant-life that could sustain itself on the sun and the immeasurable amount of rain. He would see flowers dotted throughout the greens almost as if they were put there to make you appreciate just how much green there was. But they were worth looking at unto themselves – the flowers – that is. Colors of pink, red, and white, all splashed together to makeup these full-bodied – alive – flowers.

With his ears, he would hear the songs sang by the various birds. One would sing a tune and another, across the way, would sing the same tune back. Then the first bird would sing another tune and across in a different tree, a new bird would sing a separate tune. It was then repeated by a bird in a neighboring tree. One could sit and listen to those birds sing back and forth to each other all day. It was as if pre-recorded music was a strange idea – listen to the birds!

With his nose, he could smell the vitality all-pervading the air. The dampness of the air made by the rain, the freshness of it made by the wind, and the delightfulness made by the flowers. It was almost as if you could smell the plant-life, too. Wifren knew that most people took for granted that plants had a smell to them, as well. His nose was good, though, and it didn’t miss this pleasurable smell as he inhaled the sanctuary around him.

When Wifren stopped like this, it was common for Meliopa to keep walking along the path. She knew that if she was meant to stop, she would get the inclination from inside to do so. As a result of this, Meliopa often moved along and stopped in different places, for varying amounts of time. More often than not, on hikes like this, because of Wifren’s constant intuition to stop, Meliopa ended up getting to ‘where they were going’ first. She had to laugh at the thought of ‘getting to where they were going’ because it was such a silly concept. Meliopa knew that it was predicated on the fact that if where you were wasn’t where you were supposed to be and that where you were, was meant to be rushed through as fast as possible because it wasn’t the ‘destination.’ While they were going somewhere, yes, it was still necessary and commonplace to appreciate all of the ‘destinations’ that they happened to be along the way.

Meliopa could feel that she was getting closer to it… it being the surreptitious destination that they were, of course, on their way to experience. She recognized some of the plant-life and the trodden path that she was on. While she knew that she had never been here, consciously, she knew that she had visited this place many times before. When Meliopa would sleep at night, she would often journey throughout the cosmos and on her descent back to where she was, she would frequently visit some of the surrounding nature to ‘remember’ where she was. Because of this, she knew that she had likely visited this place before.

As she turned the corner, she came to what appeared to be a dead-end. This puzzled her at first, until she heard a voice say, “Through it.” Of course! When she heard the voice, she remembered what she had to do. She used her hands to reach in and gently caress the plants in front of her and then she parted them ever so delicately, so as to allow room for her body to squeeze by and when she did. . .


The water cascading down off the cliff and landing was absolutely mesmerizing. She spent a great deal of time just looking at the water falling that she almost didn’t even notice the rainbow that it was creating. When she did notice, she kind of laughed to herself for not noticing the rainbow first as rainbows were one of her favorite things to gaze upon. This was the case because of the wholeness of the rainbow. It had every color possible on the spectrum and it was a perfect representation of the unity of all things. In the rainbow, there are all colors just as in the universe, there are all beings – as one.

With that, she found a sturdy rock from which to catapult from and jumped into the water. When her body hit the water, it was as if there was some sort of reconnection. It was as if the water had missed her body and her body had missed the water. There was immediate recognition of one to the other. She dove down deep and smiled the whole time. She popped her head up out of the water to breathe the air into her lungs and enjoy the pleasant coolness that the water provided for her. She looked around at her surroundings and knew… she was home.


1. Little Professor - July 7, 2010

Hi The Intentional Sage. I like your blog. Did you make this story up yourself? Also, although having each post in a different color font is unique, I think you should use black fonts. All these bright colors are distracting and it makes it hard for me to read them. By-the-way, is there any significance behind your username?

TheIntentionalSage - July 7, 2010

Hey Little Professor (thanks for stopping by!)

Yes, all the ‘imaginings’ here at Imagine Into Being are ‘created’ by me. Before I sit down to write each ‘imagining,’ I make sure to clear my head of all other previous thoughts, impressions, and ideas about what may be going on in my life, so as not to clutter what may come through. From there, I then sit down at my computer and I write the ‘imagining’ that I see. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like I am making something up so much as I am just describing the scene that I am seeing.

Thanks for the heads-up about the font. I’m a little leery to let go of colors altogether because I don’t really want to use pictures (intermixed with the story) and the color is the only visual stimulant I have. It seems that I’ve only just realized that I can actually ‘make’ the color rather than picking one from the scheme. That is, I didn’t know that I could be more discerning in that all my color could still be dark-toned and not be duplicated within a few days of each other.

As for my name, I would say that there is significance behind it. 😉

When I decided to create this blog/website, I knew I had to be very diving in choosing what I wanted to call the site and myself. “Imagine Into Being” came to me very near when I sat down to think about it and I also thought it made sense to do it in present tense – because it’s happening in the present. And for my name… I’ve always liked the idea of being a Sage. I’ve spent the last 2-3 years trying to figure out what to call myself in that sense (outside of this blog), and Sage is one of the words that always had some sort of resonance with me. As for settling on the word Intentional, in my opinion, that’s why I am doing here. I am being deliberately “intentional” about what I am saying, doing, writing, creating, and imagining. 🙂

Thanks again for your comment. Lots of good questions!

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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