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Music Inspires Miraculous Actions July 4, 2010

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Cullindia (pronounced cul-lin-dee-ya) loved all forms of music. She loved listening to the birds in the early morning as they chirped back and forth to each other; she loved listening to the wind saying hello to the trees and bustling the leaves; she loved listening to the waves as they crested to meet the shore. With the waves in particular, she liked when there was an abundance of rocks on the shore near to where the waves came in and out such that once the wave was on its way back to meet the rest of the water, it would rake down the rocks and move them. When the water moved these rocks, it would make, to Cullindia’s ears, music.

One of her favorite ‘natural’ kinds of music had to be the rain and not just the rain by itself. When there was a light rain and she was by a body of water, usually the ocean. When she was fortunate enough to be near the ocean when it was raining in a very light way, the rain, as it fell to the ocean, would make such a pitter-patter sound that it was almost like tinkling. It sounded as if someone were making a ping sound by clanking glasses, but it was still very distinctly not this sound. This was just the closest thing that she could think of as it related to a sound from way back when her grandparents were still alive.

Cullindia had further favorites, still. Singing. She loved to hear someone belt out a great song. She remembers when her parents used to play for her some of the pieces that used to be around when their grandparents were still alive. Pieces that were referred to as opera and some other singers from what her parents called ‘jazz’ and ‘folksy.’ Some of the singers that Cullindia heard at these times were quite inspiring and its part of the reason she took up singing herself. However, it was not the only reason.

When Cullindia sang, she sang. She loved it with all her heart and it was something that came so easy to her. She would just be strolling down a well-trodden path and the words would come to her – so she would sing. She felt that if she didn’t sing these words when they came that she would be doing a disservice to this voice inside of her that seemed to feed her the lyrics. The music seemed to carry, as well. Meaning, when she would sing, it was almost like she could hear the band (or whatever collection of instruments felt right for the song she was singing) playing in the background. It was like the violins, the violas, the flutes, or whatever other instrument she heard was playing right behind her as she walked.

In fact, she remembered a time when she thought that she actually saw the band playing behind her. It was a rather strange incident. She was walking through a part of the forest that she had walked through many times. So much so that she felt like she could walk through it blindfolded. She was singing while she walked, like she always did, and there were times that she was almost walking in the opposite direction that she started such that she could see some of the path where she had already been. Because she felt so comfortable in these woods, she would often close her eyes as she walked to really feel into the words and the song.

She walked like this because sometimes, it felt like the words needed to be further embodied and eliminating one of her senses, sight, from the equation of energy, she felt that she was better able to concentrate on what she was doing in regards to the singing and embodying. When she did this, it was as if a switch was turned on, and the singing went from a ‘damsel singing with the birds’ to full on singing from the gut. To anyone who was so lucky to hear the words that she would sing echoed across the forest, it was majestic. This young woman would sing in such a way that made anyone who listened feel the emotions of the song – instantly! There was something about Cullindia’s voice that was miraculous in that it was able to make the perfect pitches at the perfect time to maximize perfection.

As she continued to walk with her eyes closed to better embody the song, there were times, when her eyes would casually open, almost mistakenly, and in doing this, she was able to see things behind her. To Cullindia’s thinking-mind, it was altogether confusing. She knew that she was alone in the forest, at least in her immediate area, so to see something nearby was odd. However, there was another part of Cullindia that knew what she was seeing was absolutely normal. The problem was the reconciliation of these two minds. She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to do such a reconciliation while singing, so she just let it go with the intention that she would figure it out in the very near future.

She continued down the path, singing about joy, happiness, and delight. During her continued bit of singing, a wave of gratitude carried through her. It was as if it finally hit her that what she was being given through this music was clearer to her. It was as if she knew that by singing like this, she was completely in her power and her zone. This was what she was meant to do – sing.

With that realization, she began to hear applause and cheering. This was confusing to Cullindia, so she opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw hundreds of thousands of people all standing on their feet arranged in the shape of a crowd – and they were all looking at her! Cullindia looked behind her and she saw a band. She looked again back to the crowd and all the people were still there. There must have been 300,000 people! She looked again behind her and the band was still there. The gentleman playing violin set his instrument down and came over to Cullindia. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. As he did this, he whispered something in her ear, “You did it, Cullindia. Your singing captured the hearts of people all over the world. You sang for world peace.”

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