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Aspire and it Appears July 3, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Eskilin (pronounced e [as in wet] -ski-lin) watched as the caterpillar inched ever so slowly along the ground. It was very colorful, or at least, it was very bright in the color that it was at the current moment. Eskilin thought that there were so many legs on the creature and he couldn’t imagine there being more legs on anything else. He’d seen spiders before, but they only had eight legs. Eskilin had never seen anything with as many legs as the caterpillar. He found it quite strange, and yet, beautiful, that all those legs, eventually, are no longer useful to the caterpillar.

He thought about something that he had heard about, but never seen – metamorphosis. He had heard stories from his grandparents about how a caterpillar creates a cocoon and then after awhile, a butterfly emerges because of this process of metamorphosis. He had the pleasure of seeing caterpillars before and he was seeing one now. He had also been so lucky as to see a butterfly, but he had never seen a cocoon before. He wondered what it would look like to see the butterfly struggle to break free of its trappings and flutter away.

Eskilin continued to watch the caterpillar as it slowly made its way to where it was going. Eskilin wasn’t sure where it was going and he wasn’t sure that the caterpillar knew either, but it was sure fun to watch all those legs move in unison.

Then, he got the sense to do something. Eskilin knew that when he got these feelings, it was important to follow them. As well, he knew not to judge them because they were likely some other part of himself helping him to achieve or receive what was best for him. With that, he closed his eyes and he began sending energy to the caterpillar. He imagined that he was receiving a steady stream of energy from the sun (as the sun’s energy was infinite). As this energy was flowing to Eskilin, he imagined that it was entering in through the top of his head and flowing down through his body. He imagined that this energy was circulating throughout his entire body, warming him, and energizing him, too.

Once the energy had circulated his body, he imagined, like always, that it was flowing through his heart to be transmuted with what one may call a ‘stamp of love.’ From here, the stamped with love energy would flow down both of Eskilin’s arms and out his hands to the caterpillar. Eskilin had done this many times before, but on this particular occasion, he got to see something that he had never seen before.

As the energy continued to flow through him, his focus remained, gently, on the caterpillar. He noticed that this increase of energy was causing some sort of reaction within the caterpillar. There was something going on. At first, he wasn’t sure if he should cease this energy flow because he didn’t know if he might be harming the caterpillar. Still, his internal feeling was that this was not harming the caterpillar and that he should continue. As said before, Eskilin learned to trust these feelings no matter how much they seemed to go against what any of his other materially-focused 5-senses could tell him.

In fact, he got the feeling to close his eyes and increase the magnitude with which he was sending energy. Because he knew that it was his own, internal voice giving him these directions, he knew it was safe to follow. He closed his eyes and he imagined that the stream of energy coming down from the sun increased in diameter and the speed with which it circulated his body, transmuted in his heart, and flowed through his hands escalated. When he did this, he could feel, in his body, that the speed had been increased, and so he continued with this path. He continued imagining that the diameter of the energy from the sun was increasing until he could no longer visually perceive the limits of the diameter of the energy flowing from the sun.

The same thing happened with the energy inside of him. He increased the velocity until he could no longer tell which way the energy was flowing, except for the fact that he knew. He increased it such that he could no longer visually perceive in his imagining which way the energy was going. In doing this, the temperature inside his body increased, maybe only slightly, but it was noticeable to Eskilin.

He got the sense to open his eyes and look at the caterpillar. When he did this, the caterpillar was gone! And what lay in its wake was a cocoon! Eskilin could see that something was happening with the cocoon, too. It was as if something was trying to break out of the cocoon. His inside voice told him to keep imagining the energy flow, but that it was, indeed, time for him to watch with his physical eyes. When he regained his focus on the energy flow, he noticed that the caterpillar, or more accurately, the cocoon began to move. He continued to watch the cocoon with his eyes as he knew that something was going to happen.

And then…

The sound of birth. The sound of life. The sound of transformation. The butterfly was emerging from the cocoon. Metamorphosis was happening. Eskilin was getting to see what he had never seen before. He was getting to see a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. His eyes grew really big and his mouth seemed to drop in awe. Finally, the butterfly was free of the cocoon and it began flapping its wings for the first time. The butterfly was taking flight for its first time. Once the butterfly got up into the air, it seemed to almost turn and then it was coming straight for Eskilin.

The butterfly landed on the forearm of Eskilin’s right arm and seemed to be looking back at him. Then, inside of his head, Eskilin heard the words, “Thank You,” and then the butterfly was off. It fluttered away. Eskilin could still see the butterfly as it flew off into the distance.

Eskilin thought to himself, “Wow, did that just happen?” He wondered if he had really just seen what he saw. Had he been privileged to actually aid in the metamorphosis process of the emergence of a butterfly? One thing he knew for sure, he finally had gotten to see what he had wanted to see – a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.



1. thefallenmonkey - July 3, 2010

How lovely. Reading this was like a calming sigh the entire way through. I had recently watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and was reflecting toward the end when the caterpillar curled inside his cocoon how that sort of natural miracle is nothing that I really think about often as an adult. Childhood was so full of those natural observations and curiosities that I simply took for granted at the time, but to contemplate these life processes now, I’m left in awe. I do like to believe in the shared energy between all living beings, so found the energy exchange here between Eskilin and the caterpillar to be wonderful.

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 5, 2010

Your response to this particular story seems to have elicited some revelations, if not, at least some warm memories. I am pleased to see that you were able to connect with and enjoy Eskilin’s exchange with the caterpillar turned butterfly.

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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