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The Search for Green Trees July 1, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Mazinka (pronounced ma-zeen-kah) had never seen trees with green leaves let alone trees with leaves that changed colors. He had spent most of his life living in places where there was only desert – either sand or snow. And he loved the sand and the snow. To him, they were beautiful. As it was all he knew, he found things about them that he rather enjoyed. The sand could create wonderful dunes, which appeared as if they were mountains of the sand. The snow could be compressed into a sphere and then thrown relatively long distances. But today, Mazinka was going to get to see trees with leaves.

For the first time, Mazinka was going to go to a place that had trees with leafy-green leaves. The only trees he had seen before were trees that grew in the desert and you might not even call them trees. They were quite prickly to touch, but they stored lots of water behind their sting-y exterior.

As Mazinka knew he was getting closer to the trees, he closed his eyes and continued his walk without his sense of sight. This wasn’t the first time that Mazinka had gone somewhere without using his sense of sight. He was quite adept at navigating through his sense of balance and sound. His balance could help him because he would be able to tell whether the ground was uneven and if it was sloping, either for an incline or a decline. He could use sound to bounce his voice off of the objects in front of him and decide how long it took for the sound to travel back to his ear. Mazinka was quite good at doing math in his head, so these kinds of calculations were very easy for him.

Mazinka was getting closer to the ‘green trees’ because his nose was starting to pick-up some new smells that he had never been privy to before today. This started to make him smile a little bit. He knew he was going to be seeing the green trees soon. He couldn’t wait!

He kept using his other senses to move closer and closer to the where he knew the trees to be. He was nearly there, because he noticed a massive change in the sound that was coming back to him. However, he didn’t want to spoil his treat by opening his eyes to soon – he kept walking.

He kept walking until when he reached out his hand, he felt something that was different from anything he had ever felt before – the bark of the tree. It was rough, but at the same time smooth. With this, he opened his eyes. . . and he was awe-struck! He had never seen such magnificent creations! The trees were so big – and everything was so colorful. He had thought that he was going to see trees that had leafy green leaves, but these trees. . . these trees had oranges, yellows, and reds! Where was the green, he wondered? A question that lingered for merely seconds before he once again began appreciating this newfound pleasantry for his eyes.

He also had thought he was going to see maybe a few trees here and there, like he had seen in the deserts he had been in, but no. There were hundreds, thousands of trees here. There was brown as far as his eyes could see and at the top of all that brown was a bright rainbow of yellows, reds, and oranges. He had to laugh to himself because what his eyes were seeing were better than anything he could have ‘thought’ up that he was going to see. He understood why some people said that some things can only be experienced with the senses and not described with words.

To him, there was no words to describe the beauty that was before him. The trees all seemed to coexist together in such small quarters. This was very counterintuitive to all the ‘life’ he had seen in the desert. In the desert, things were much more spread out, but that didn’t seem to be the case in this forest, as he had come to know what it was called.

In the forest, things lived in tighter spaces and it didn’t seem to bother the growth of other things. In fact, he noticed that there seemed to be so much more growing here in this forest than he had ever seen in the desert – combined! It was strange that these trees and all the things that grew on the forest bottom were able to live so close together and grow – even thrive. Instead of competing for the same thing, instead, their purposes were a bit different. As a result of this, they were able to almost help each other to grow.

The shade from the trees allowed some of the growth to occur on the forest bottom without which, the forest bottom would be bare (or he thought maybe it would have just grown different plants).

Wow, Mazinka thought to himself. This kind of sight was amazing. It was a welcomed difference from all the sandy colored things he was accustomed to seeing. He still wondered about those ‘green’ trees. In actuality, he had set out to see green trees, but somehow had come across these red, yellow, and orange trees. He knew that there was something to it, but he wasn’t sure what. He decided that he was going to sit up against one of these trees, something he had never done before, and think a little bit more about green trees.



1. Liz Johns - July 2, 2010

How much poorer would our lives be without trees – whatever their colour. I’m lucky enough to live surrounded by them. They never fail to please me.

And thanks for your comment on my post too (the deaf and parrot one)

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 5, 2010

How wonderful to be surrounded by trees! I am in the process of moving to a place that will be nestled up against a Forest Reserve. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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