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It Is Great to Be Alive June 30, 2010

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Aushin (pronounced aw-sh-win) stood there and allowed the warmth of the sun to fill him up. The sun’s rays were strong today, so Aushin knew that it must be nearing the apex of the summer where the Earth will begin to rotate in such a way that the sun will no longer be at its peak strength of warmth. There was something about this time of year, something about the strength of the sun coinciding with the fact that the sun shone brighter for a longer period of time.

Aushin thought back to when his grandparents talked about this particular time of year being called the summer equinox and he understood how the people before his grandparents could have come to celebrate this kind of occasion. To him, this was one of the most beautiful times of the year. The sun hung in the sky for so long and it was, at times, hard to take one’s eye off of it. Although Aushin knew that it wasn’t the sun that rose and set, rather that the Earth rotated and caused the sun to appear as if it was rising and setting, but no matter.

Aushin decided that he was going to spend this day in the garden. When this thought came to him, he had to laugh. He remembers when his grandparents used to tell him about their grandparents and how they used to think that they had to “tend” to the garden, where tending was used much differently than it is today in Aushin’s world. They would tell him that their grandparents thought that they had to do so much work to ‘make sure everything grew just right.’ It was hard for Aushin not to laugh reflecting on this. At the same time, he understood how their grandparents may have come to this conclusion because the dominant paradigm, at the time, was that people always had to do something to something to effect change.

It wasn’t until the time when his grandparents were starting to think about having his parents did the paradigm shift in such a way that people understood that, “maybe those ‘weeds’ were growing for a reason?” Aushin smiled thinking about the word – weeds. He hadn’t heard anyone say that word in some time, except in reference to this much older way of thinking about gardening. Aushin understood that there was nothing inherently wrong with what the old paradigm used to call ‘weeds.’ Rather, they could be perceived as quite beautiful, when looked at with the right perception.

Moreover, Aushin reflected a little bit on how people used to be so focused on the microcosm of their own garden. People felt like they had to manipulate each plant and its surrounding area to make sure it grew in just the right fashion, deemed by them of course. He laughed at the fact that humans could have been so arrogant as to think that the plants hadn’t been growing on their own for eons before humans arrived. Again, he understood that the dominant paradigm of the time was that doing something was valued.

As Aushin continued to walk through the garden and remember some of these things from the past, he realized, ironically, that he needed to be doing something while he was walking through the garden. He needed to be breathing, intentionally, especially after thinking about some ‘negative’ thoughts. With that, he began breathing in the negativity that he was thinking about and exhaling positivity, especially in the direction of the plants where he was having those thoughts. He was well aware that energy around plants could be altered by way of the energy around things (or people) that were near to them.

When he felt satisfied in repairing what he had done, he smiled and then took in the beauty of what he was looking at. Plants of all different shapes and sizes all living in such close quarters to each other. He laughed and thought that it was so easy for these plants to get along with each other – if only his great-great-great-grandparents had taken a second to stop doing and just appreciate what was in front of them, they may have figured it out.

Aushin understood that it may not have been the right time in history for something like that to have occurred, but he was very grateful to be alive at the time that he was alive. Everyone appreciating everything around them and living in such a harmonious way with nature. The idea that humans could again behave in a symbiotic way with their surroundings almost brought tears to his eyes. As the water began to collect in his eyes, Aushin smiled. He could not think of a better time to be alive.

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