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Appreciating the Sights and Sounds of Nature June 28, 2010

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Saurenicia (pronounced sow-ren-eesh-uh) and her lovely friend, the cat, who she called by the name of Diviny (pronounced div-in-ee) were snuggled up next to each other. Diviny was a very cuddly cat and Saurenicia loved the warmth and touch of Diviny. They were lying in the grass together gazing up at the bright blue sky. Saurenicia liked to look at the different hues of colors that appeared to her throughout nature.

The blue sky contrasted against the white fluffy clouds with the leafy green trees on the horizon made for an interesting canvas to gaze upon. There was also the brown bark that supported the green trees and the various colored flowers that were around. There were red roses, yellow tulips, white with pink orchids, and many different colors of hibiscus. Saurenicia could not think of a better thing to do with her time than to appreciate the various colors that had been gifted to her, and everyone, by the environment and nature.

Diviny rose its head to peer up at a sound that was coming from over near one of the trees. Saurenicia remarked that it was just the lovely music of the birds that was adding to the picturesque scene that they were being given. Diviny yawned and then nestled back in next to Saurenicia’s leg.

Saurenicia decided that it was time to do some appreciating. She got up and began walking over to one of the many areas that had flowers. She put her face right down near the flowers to get a closer look at the vibrant blue coming from the chicory [flower]. Then, she inhaled. . . and the fragrance coming from the flower was magnificent.

Saurenicia moved over to another flower – this one pink. As with the chicory, she got down real close to it, to better appreciate the two tones of this particular flower, dianthus alpinus. It was mesmerizing! Upon finishing her gaze, as with the chicory, she inhaled. . . and the fragrance offered by the flower was terrific!

Saurenicia left the flowers she was looking at and raised her head to gaze around at the other wonders of nature that surrounded her. She decided to pay a little more attention to a nearby tree that seemed to be calling her over, by way of the wavy behavior it displayed in the wind. She got a feeling of what she was to do, so as she approached the tree, she turned her back and leaned up against the tree such that her spine was fully touching the strong, sturdy tree.

She closed her eyes and took some deep breaths to relax and as she did this, she imagined becoming in-tune with the tree. She felt a surge of energy, which could be attributed to the massive amount of energy that the tree was connected to through its root system. Saurenicia had a massive smile emerge on her face as this was one of the first times she can remember in recent memory where she was able to feel this much energy from a tree. This tree must have had something special about it because most trees that she tuned into had energy, but not like this!

Saurenicia lingered just a little longer to fully feel the effects of the energy from the tree. She wanted to make sure that what she was feeling was not a figment of her imagination and completely real. She backed away from the tree and turned to face it, to offer gratitude for the exchange that just took place and prepare for the exchange that she was about to engage in. Saurenicia took a deep breath and then began exhaling very slowly and in an extended way.

She knew that trees benefited from the carbon dioxide that she would exhale, and she wanted to give this particular tree some attention for the wonderful energy exchange that it gave to her. Upon exhaling, Saurenicia was not only giving the tree carbon dioxide, but she was also imagining that she was exhaling positivity and love, for there was nothing better, in her mind, for her to do with her exhalations.



1. jaco223 - June 29, 2010

Hi …

Too often we don’t appreciate nature …and I’d forgotten that ..reading this piece brought back what I’d forgotten ….I think I should go and smell some flowers …I remember in childhood how I loved the fragrance of the Honeysuckle ….and the Gardenias my aunt used to raise ….those fragrances are dear to my heart …but sadly I’d forgotten that. Thank you for reminding me of the forgotten…..

Continued Success ….

2. TheIntentionalSage - July 5, 2010

You’re very welcome, Jaco. I would imagine that other people who happen to read some of the “imaginings” on this site have similar reactions. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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