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Eating Avocados in the Shade June 26, 2010

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Jerinposh (pronounced jer-in-poe-sh) was sitting in the shade provided by one of the clouds that floated in the sky covering the sun’s light. Next to him, was his beloved Winche (pronounced win-chee), his dog. I suppose it wouldn’t be fair to call Winche as Jerinposh’s dog because Jerinposh didn’t believe that he could own another being. In that sense, then, Winche was Jerinposh’s friend.

Winche was lying down, snuggled up next to Jerinposh, as Jerinposh pondered the day’s events. He found it rather synchronistic how it came to pass that he ended up with a bunch of avocados, but he wasn’t going to complain. It had been a week or so since he had last had any avocados, so it was welcomed that he came to have some in his possession.

Jerinposh loved how the universe worked in such mysterious ways to bring him what it was that he wanted. With this thought, Jerinposh remembered just how it came to be that he was to be friends with Winche. This brought a smile to his face as synchronicities are things that make Jerinposh smile. He just loved how things worked out – all the time!

He took a knife and sliced into one of the avocados. As he did this, Winche, almost as if on cue, raised his head to see what was going on. Whenever Jerinposh was eating food, Winche always wanted some. So, as Jerinposh pulled off the skin of the avocado and tossed it aside, he cut a piece out for Winche and fed it to him and then he cut a piece for himself. Jerinposh loved avocados and he was grateful when he got the chance to eat them.

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