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Strumming My Ukulele June 25, 2010

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Kealoha (pronounced key-ah-low-ha) was sitting with his back up against one of the many palm trees that were present throughout Hawai’i. As he sat there, his ukulele lay next to him, waiting to be played. Kealoha loved playing his ukulele. In fact, if you couldn’t find Kealoha, it was likely because he had wandered off somewhere with his ukulele to play.

On this particular day, he was trying to figure out what it was that he was supposed to play. There was something special about today that was different from the other days. On most days, he would just pick up his ukulele and the music would come to him, almost through him, naturally. Today, however, he got the sense that he was supposed to just sit there up against the tree before he began.

And so this is what he did. He sat in such a way that his back supported the tree, and the tree supported his back. He had a wonderful view of the ocean and the sandy beach that was spotted with natural sun-bathers. He was so glad that Hawai’i, and more vastly, the United States, had removed the laws about sun-bathing. He was glad that they had finally come to the realization that people get sun-burned partly because they are wearing clothes. Kealoha always thought that humans came into this world ‘natural,’ so why would it be a crime to walk around like that? He can see how it might affect certain day-to-day events and this is probably why the US and Hawai’i have not yet softened restrictions about clothing in buildings and such. However, he thought it was a great step in the right direction to be allowed to lie in the sun, on the beach, in public, without having to cover up certain areas of the body.

Kealoha thought that the body was wonderful and that there was nothing that needed to be hidden about it. With that, the words came to him. He picked up his ukulele and he began to strum, while singing. He sang about the law that had been changed, the sun, and the wonderfulness that is the human body.


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