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Joy to the World June 24, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Cintana (pronounced kin-tawn-uh) walked around almost as if she was the poster child for joy. Everywhere she went, everything she did, she was smiling. She was always joyful. It was rare to have an occasion on which Cintana didn’t laugh. This girl was so filled with joy and happiness that sometimes, you just thought she was going to burst into a hundreds of thousands of tiny little hearts.

Cintana’s disposition was such that she didn’t see any valuable reason to not be the way she was. She always thought that it didn’t matter what happened outside of herself, it was what she thought about what was happening that mattered. Maybe she stubbed her toe, oh well, she would think. Maybe she needed to stub that toe, so that the next time, she wouldn’t trip, fall, and break her arm.

Cintana really trusted everything happened for a reason, and no matter what happened, she really felt that there was a positive-side to everything. Because of this, she never had a hard time finding a reason to be happy, joyful, and laughing. Everywhere she went, she oozed joy and it was rather intoxicating for the people who she passed on the street.

Even complete strangers were hard-pressed to not smile after seeing this lovely girl so full of joy. She was, in actual fact, living her truth, which was joy. This wonderful joy that she brought to the world and embodied in a way that she felt was possible for all humans. The best part about Cintana is how genuine she was. She didn’t think that she had to ‘put on a show’ to be happy all of the time. She really felt happy and joyful all of the time and it was easy to see this on her face.

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