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Motivational Kiwis June 23, 2010

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The vibrant green juxtaposed against the black seeds were what made Gandililia’s (pronounced gahn-dih-lill-ee-uh) eyes light up. The intoxicating aroma of the fruit aroused her nose.  The sweet and succulent taste is what engaged her taste buds. She could honestly say that the kiwi was one of her favorite fruits, if not her favorite fruit.

On her first trip to Aotearoa, Gandililia was astounded by how many people were able to just grow kiwis in their backyard! She was so jealous of them. She spoke to all of the locals about the many recipes that they had for cooking kiwis and took as many notes as she possibly could on the different ways that kiwis could be mixed with other foods to be eaten.

There was just something about the kiwi that made Gandililia so happy. It was so tasty and it was so green. Mmm, mmm, mmm! She just loved it!

Because of how much she loved it, she considered moving to Aotearoa. In talking with some of the locals, she got to learn about the Māori culture that was prevalent on the islands (North and South) of Aotearoa. After learning more about what it was like to live on Aotearoa, she started to really be able to see herself living there.

When she got back to where she lived, she spent some time meditating about her potential future. After spending a few days (interspersed with doing what she had to do), she came to the conclusion. . . she was going to move to Aotearoa!

She couldn’t wait to grow kiwis in her backyard and be able to have them everyday! As well, she was really looking forward to the wonderful laid-back culture of the ‘kiwis’ that she was going to be subjecting herself to. It was to be fantastic!

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