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Breathing In, Breathing Out June 22, 2010

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Viancano (pronounced vyawn-chan-oh) looked at the space and the energy around where he sat and he knew what had to be done. He knew that the direct environment around him needed some cleaning up, so he did what he knew had to be done. He knew.

He took a deep breath in, imagining all the negativity that was in the environment was being vacuumed in by his nostrils and immediately being transferred to his heart; the place for it to go. He knew that in his heart, he could transform any negativity. Viancano knew that in his heart, negativity could be transmuted to positivity in an instant.

As he breathed in as much as he could thought he could, he breathed in just a little bit more. When he had inhaled as much as his lungs could handle, he held it just for a second. Almost as if it were the pause right before a big event. It could be considered the ‘calm before the storm,’ or the apex of a parabola. And then it happened. . .

Viancano exhaled love. He exhaled slowly and evenly and as he allowed the carbon dioxide out of his lungs and through his mouth, he made sure that all that he was exhaling was positive, joyful, bright, and full of love. The love that he exhaled was permeating the space and energy all around him. As Viancano continued to do inhale negativity and exhale positivity, the air continued to grow with love.

For those that have the ability to ‘see’ the energy in the air, they would have been a cloud of lightness around Viancano that continuously imbued – stretching farther and farther.

As Viancano continued to do what he was doing, a smile emerged on his face. He knew that what he was doing was making a difference.

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