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The Purest Water in the Land June 21, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Maurincia (pronounced moe-rin-shuh) thoroughly enjoyed drinking water. Not only that, she loved when she was able to drink water from the stream! She felt that the water from the stream was the purest water she had ever tasted. This was likely the case because the water in the stream came from a nearby spring.

She loved to skip on down to the stream with her jars in hand, so she could fill up all the water that she was going to need for the hike she was about to go on through the majestic nearby forest. She would fill at least 3 or 4 jars, about the size of a mason jar, and carry them with her in her sac.

Maurincia would be very deliberate when she was filling up the jars, too. When she would stick the jar into the stream, she was always certain to be thinking the most pure and positive thoughts she could because she knew that whatever she was thinking and most importantly – feeling – was going to be imprinted on the water. And, she would definitely want to have the best tasting and the water with the highest purity to be stored in her sac that she would drink later.

Maurincia knew that if she did this simple mechanism that the water she would taste from the stream would be fantastic! She knew that the importance of what she was feeling was the most important factor in keeping the water at its highest quality and she was not about to go against that knowing.

When she dipped the jars into the water, she thought the most positive thoughts possible (Love & Gratitude) to elicit the feeling of warmth and joy in her body. It worked. She felt deeply joyful as she filled her jars.

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