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Old Friends in Familiar Places June 20, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Nicuwae (pronounced nee-cue-way) was crouching to hide behind some of the tall grass. Unlike the grass on other continents, this grass was more yellowish. Because of this, it was easier for the lions to hide. Meaning, the color of the lions were the same color of the grass – they blended into the natural environment. Regardless, Nicuwae still thought that he would be able to creep up on this particular lion.

Nicuwae was in ‘stealth’-mode in his mind and in his actions. He did everything as slow as he possibly could, so as not to make too much noise (if any), as this might alert not only the lions that were around, but also any other animals that might be in the area. If one of these other animals were to hear him, they might flee the scene and then the lions would know that something was nearby.

Nicuwae came to a tree and he could see the lions just up ahead of him. They were all resting and napping in the grass. It was quite beautiful to watch them. He slowly made his way towards them and none of them seemed to notice. At long last, he was right behind one of them and he jumped on it! The lion let out a huge roar and then flipped over on top of Nicuwae who, at this point, began laughing with jubilation. The lion then began to lick Nicuwae’s face and Nicuwae returned the favor by petting the lion.

As the lion and Nicuwae rolled around in the grass, Nicuwae thought to himself how wonderful it was to be able to see his old friend. He loved that lion so much.

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