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Have You Ever Seen A Moon Shadow? June 19, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Felientia (pronounced fell-en-she-uh) had never seen the shadows that could be created by the moon – only heard about them from her grandparents and parents. It was one of the things that she wished with all her might to have the chance to see. She had heard all about how grand it looks. She knew that it looked like there was a ‘light’ on in the sky at night.

Nonetheless, she had never seen it with her own eyes and she really wanted to. Ever since she had heard about moon shadows, she would make sure she was outside well after the sunset and it was completely dark – and that the moon was visible that night. She must have tried to see the moon shadow for over 100 days. Until finally. . .

Tonight. This was going to be the night. Felientia just knew that tonight was going to be the night she was going to see the shadows created by the moon. There was something that she felt when she woke up that just let her knew that today was going to be the day. All day, as she went about what she was doing, in the back of her mind, she kept seeing images of what it might look like when the shadows were created by the moon.

The day seemed to drag on for more hours than there were said to be in one day, but eventually, nightfall arrived and Felientia waited patiently in the open field where she spent so many nights hoping to see what she was going to see that night.

And it didn’t disappoint her. The moon, up against the dark night sky, was the brightest thing she had ever seen at night and because of how low in the sky the moon was, it seemed to be like it was a light that someone had turned on and forgot to turn off. But it wasn’t. It was the moon in all its magnificence casting shadows that went on forever.

Felientia laughed and giggled as she finally got to see what she always wanted to see… a moon shadow.

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