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Humans Can Shine Brighter Than Stars June 18, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Lianda (pronounced lee-ann-duh) was lying on the grass, while she was looking up at the stars. In her mind, the stars were the prettiest thing that she had ever seen. The brightness that could be seen from something so far away was astounding to her intellectual mind. It was somewhat comprehensible that something could be seen at such great distances.

Thinking about the stars made her think about humans. She wondered if the ‘bright’ humans could be seen form afar by beings who were as far away as the stars? She wondered when the Earth would soon be full of ‘bright’ humans. She thought that she had seen some bright humans here and there, but she wondered if she would run into more. She was still quite young, so she had ample time to run into other humans with this ‘bright’ characteristic to them.

Lianda remembered when her grandparents would talk to her about seeing a ‘bright’ person was very rare in their time and that as time moves on, more and more people will become ‘bright.’ As more and more people become bright, her grandfather would always tell her, the more likely she was to see these bright people. Consequently, the more bright people there were, the more bright people seemed to ‘come out of the woodwork.’

It was almost as if all of the ‘bright’ people were keeping to themselves, but not intentionally, and as more and more started to ‘reveal’ themselves, then more and more started to recognize this and show themselves, too. It was a funny thing, her grandmother would tell Lianda. Once a few people started to become known as these ‘bright’ people, it was almost like they were a beacon for the others who existed.

Lianda continued look into the night sky… wondering when humans would be shining back at the stars.

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