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Speculations While Sitting On The Sand June 17, 2010

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Mikawa (pronounced me-cah-wah) was lying on the sandy beach looking up at the sun. The beach was his favorite place to go, so why wouldn’t he be there? The sandy beach, the hot sun, the cool breeze, the gentle sound of the waves kissing the shore. . . It was magnificent!

This particular time, he decided to focus his attention on the beach – more specifically – the sand. There was something about the sand that was just so marvelous. There was so much sand as far as the eye could see. To someone just glancing at the sand, it could be said that the sand was merely just one ‘being’ and that it was just a beach.

To someone looking more closely, they would see the small, intimate, and highly diverse amounts of bits that made up the sand, that made up the beach. In fact, the sand was a great microcosm for the macrocosm of the world. All of these ‘seemingly’ different kinds of bits making up one giant, unified whole. The sand that was underneath him was not inherently different from the sand 20 yards down the beach, no.

However, many people would say that the sand from one place to the other is different, merely because it is in a different place. Although, when one takes that holistic view of things, one realizes that there is no difference between the sand that is here and the sand that is there. Mikawa loved to think of things like this and he loved how he could ponder such deep thoughts, just by focusing in on the sand and its qualities.

He wondered what great topics he would delve into next time he went to the beach, which was likely to be tomorrow. Maybe he would look closer at the waves and their similarities or the sun and its warmth. Regardless, Mikawa knew that he was going to be doing it with a giant smile on his face.

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