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Snow Synced to Self June 16, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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The snow fell all around Casinima (pronounced ca-seen-eem-ah). She was lying on the surface of the snow looking up at the night sky as the flakes fell to the ground all around her and on her. Every so often, a snowflake would land on her forehead or on her cheek and she would feel the moisture that remained by it melting against her warm skin.

Casinima would often spend her winter nights like this: lying on the ground looking up at the snow falling. There was something about watching the snow fall to the ground that just made her happy, so she couldn’t think of a better thing to do with her time than to lie there and enjoy the snowfall.

She got the sudden impulse to move her arms and legs in an organized fashion such that when looking from above, it looked like she was making a snow angel.  As she did this, the snow seemed to fall faster. When she slowed down the movement of her limbs, the snowfall seemed to slow down, too. She was puzzled by this. Could the rate of snowfall actually be tied to her, Casinima, and how fast she moved her limbs while on the ground?

She tried moving her arms faster and again – the snowfall began to speed up. Casinima was amazed at the seemingly linear relationship between what she did with her appendages and what happened with the weather. She relaxed and began to reflect on other times where her actions may have had a direct relationships on the weather. . .

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