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Remembering What Was Forgotten June 15, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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It had been awhile (a few days) since Vinritia (pronounced vin-ree-shah) had last sat down to let her imagination run wild, so she thought today was a good day to do that. She walked into the forest and began to allow her senses and her body to connect with the natural world around her. She let her lungs connect with the air and she let her feet connect with the forest floor. Doing this always brought a smile to her face.

Vinritia walked a little farther and found a good place to lay down. Imagining was one of her favorite things to do. As she laid down, she allowed herself to enter into a deep state of relaxation, so as to permit her imagination to really feel into the vision.

The first scenario that Vinritia imagined involved a picture of a little boy. This little boy was elated with joy! He was splashing around in a puddle, seemingly after it had rained. He would smack his hands on the water and listen to the sounds it would make and watch the waves that were created by it. It was enthralling for him.

The next scenario that Vinritia saw was an image of a little girl. This little girl, who looked vaguely familiar, was connecting with the natural world around herself. She was breathing in the air and she was allowing her feet to connect with the Earth. A few seconds later and Vinritia realized – she was seeing herself! Of all the imagining that she had done, she finally stumbled onto an old memory of a time when she was a kid. She began to explore the situation more and learned some new things about herself.

In this scenario that she imagined, the younger Vinritia didn’t just connect in the two ways that the older Vinritia did, but there was something else she did. She watched as the energy field of the younger Vinritia would expand and expand. It looked like she was ‘growing’ her energy field such that it would merge with the natural world around her.

Vinritia stopped imagining and began reflecting on what she just saw. She came to conclude that this must be something that she had forgotten to do all those times when connecting with nature. She was excited for the next time that she was to come into the forest because she would surely use this new (or old?) technique.

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