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What Does It Want To Eat? June 11, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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The music of birds fills the air with sound and gently awakens young Aroha (pronounced ah-roh-ah), an inquisitive girl with a strong heart. As she slowly begins to stir, she can feel the sun beaming down on her through her closed eyelids. Softly she stretches her limbs as if to greet them to the day. Aroha rises to her feet – the earthen floor warm from the sun. She peers out the intentional hole in the wall to see her brother is already awake. Aroha walks through the doorway of her room onto the grass and pauses to let her feet feel the grass and for the grass to feel her feet. She closes her eyes and bends her head back, while stretching her arms out to the side, basking in the peaceful sun. Aroha notices a feeling in her stomach and recognizes it – hunger.

She walks over to the trees bearing food and allows her eyes to drift from the apples to the almonds to the bananas to the avocados until… Yes! Her body reacts as her eyes meet the raspberry bushels and she knows that this morning, she is to eat raspberries. Carefully picking only the ones that her body resonates with eating at the present moment, Aroha enjoys the sweet and tart taste the ruby-colored fruit has to offer. Noticing that her body no longer has the feeling to eat, she stops.

Today, Aroha feels like being on top of a mountain. As quick as the idea comes to her is how fast she is scouting for a quiet piece of grass to lie down on. With her almost permanent smile, she crouches to the ground and extends her body into a comfortable position.

Aroha knows that whenever she wants to go somewhere, all she has to do is think herself in that place and she is there. Aroha takes a few deep breaths and closes her eyes… As she opens her eyes, she is standing on one of the summits of a nearby mountain that she thoroughly enjoys looking out from. She can see for miles and miles: green rolling hills, gushing rivers and streams, and even birds flying from tree-to-tree.

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