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On The Right Track June 10, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Bolicina (pronounced bow [as in bow-tie] -la-chee-nah) noticed that it was no longer raining out and she wondered if there might be a rainbow somewhere. She stepped outside the door to where she was and breathed in the air. She loved the smell of rain. There was something about it that was just wonderful. As she finished enjoying the smell of rain, she looked around the sky to see if she could spot a rainbow – and she did!

Bolicina loved looking at rainbows. The magnificent colors that spanned from red to purple were just mesmerizing. She could stand and look at the colors all day long. As she looked from color-to-color, she found herself connecting with a different part of herself.

When she would look at the red, she would feel very grounded and centered. When she would look at the orange, she started to feel very creative. When she would look at the yellow, she began to feel quite powerful and she could feel this power coming from very near her stomach. When she looked at the green, she felt very loving and open – this was coming from near her heart. When she looked at the blue, she wanted to sing. When she looked at the purple, she felt her intuitiveness being engaged. Lastly, when she looked at the violet, the last color on the visible spectrum, she felt like she was connected to everything.

Bolicina thought that this was a rather cool exercise she just did and decided that she was going to do this every time that she saw a rainbow.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something fluttering towards her and then it landed on her arm. She moved her arm such that it was in front of her face and she saw a delicate butterfly had come to say hello. She smiled as she knew the butterfly wouldn’t have landed on her at this particular time had she not been doing something that was in line with her intuition. Butterflies always came to her when she was on the ‘right track,’ so Bolicina knew that she was on the right track when it came to her idea bout connecting with the rainbow and connecting with herself.

She sat down on the ground and decided that she was going to connect with the butterfly. When she did that, she noticed more butterflies fluttering over to her and landing on other places on her body and her other arm. She laughed with excitement as butterflies were one of her favorite parts of nature.

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