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Perception Promotes Prosperity June 9, 2010

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Traliopa (pronounced trah-lee-oh-pa) was walking along the foot of the cliff overlooking the crystal blue water. His feet were grazing the grass and he held his hand behind his back as he placed one foot in front of the other. During these walks, he allowed his mind to wander to many different topics.

Sometimes, he would think about his ‘old’ life and how he used to work in a concrete building, deep in the heart of a city. He would think about how he used to drive his big, plastic car and expel toxic gases into the air. He would think about how he would spend 9 hours inside of a building with no natural light because all of the other high-rise buildings prevented sun from streaming in. He wondered how on Earth that he ever could have put his body, mind, and spirit, through this kind of stress on a day-to-day schedule.

Nonetheless, he was here, connecting with the Earth. He was walking in his bare feet on the grass. He smelled the fresh air that the unabridged trees offered. He was able to look at the unpolluted water that was there. His life was wonderful.

Then he thought about all of his ‘brothers & sisters,’ or fellow humans who still clung to their beliefs about needing to work for someone else. He reflected on how they allowed themselves to be surreptitiously led to believe that the way they were living was the way that they had to be living. He reflected on how they lived the same life that he himself used to live and he was grateful that he no longer felt compelled to participate in the world in that way.

Traliopa’s foot hit a rock and instead of yelping in pain – he knelt to the ground – and smiled. This jagged rock, while it may have been painful to most, was not painful to Traliopa. He was able to see the meaning in the rock being in his path. He saw how it was similar to how the ‘apocalypse’ was coming and how many people misinterpret this word to mean something very drastic and horrific. He chuckled in remembering its true meaning: “a prophetic revelation; a lifting of the veils.”

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