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Clouds Become Whispers June 8, 2010

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Azotru (pronounced ah-zoe-true) was lying face-up in an open meadow with his arms gently resting near his torso and his hands reaching just past his hips. His eyes were closed as he wanted to make sure that he was connected to himself before he began his favorite activity.

As Azotru finished connecting to the center of his being, he opened his eyes and gazed up into the sky. Way up across the painted azure sky, he found white blanch clouds looking so puffy and welcoming. As he gazed into this one particular cloud, he felt himself merging with the cloud, such that he felt what the cloud was feeling. Because of this, he felt open, expansive, and free. He felt like he was floating through the sky (much like a cloud floats) at a very relaxed pace.

Once he felt like he was done merging with this cloud, he would focus his energy very intensely. As he did this, to anyone who was watching the cloud, they would notice that the cloud no longer was there. If there were anyone there to watch, they probably wouldn’t think twice about what was going on because clouds coalesce and break apart quite often.

However, Azotru, he was practicing. Azotru was practicing his own abilities. He knew that he was able to do great things with his intentions and his mind, but he liked to stay sharp. Azotru liked to practice his abilities on clouds because when he was meditating one day, he saw an image of a cloud in his mind (almost as if it was taunting him and preventing him from reaching a deep state of relaxation). As a result, in his mind, he caused the cloud to burst. This moment gave him an ‘aha’ to see if he could do this not only in his mind, but also in the material realm.

And so, because of this, on days when there are white fluffy clouds in the sky, Azotru will lay somewhere in an open field. He will look up at the clouds and merge with them (because let’s face it, Azotru is really part of the cloud and the cloud is part of Azotru). Once he feels like he is really connected with the cloud, he then asks it to disintegrate and ‘merge with the rest of the sky.’ He usually does this by focusing his energy very intensely.

To this day, there hasn’t been a time when Azotru has asked a cloud to ‘merge with the rest of the sky’ that it hasn’t happened. As he was causing the last cloud to, in essence, disappear from the naked eye, he wondered if there were something that this may be useful for in the future. Azotru wondered if this skill might come in handy for disintegrating other forms out of the sky. Regardless, he knew that he was doing what felt right, so he was going to keep on practicing.

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