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The Sun’s Rays Shine June 7, 2010

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Jopawa (pronounced joe-pah-way) stood with his arms outstretched at his side causing a ‘T’ to form in relation to his midsection and legs. As he did this, he allowed his hands to open to welcome what was about to happen. It was the time of day just before the twilight of the sunrise occurs – dawn. Jopawa knew that very shortly after this time of day, the sun would rise up to its rightful place in the top of the sky. He knew that it would rise and give light to the day. He knew that it would rise and give life to the planet and all of the beings of it.

Jopawa’s favorite part of the day was the morning because he felt it was the best time to welcome the day. He especially liked greeting the sun to the day because he knew without this huge star at the center of the solar system, there would be no life on Earth. He knew that without this star, guiding the orbit of all of the other planets around it, in vortex like manner spinning through the universe at an astronomical speed. He loved to think about the fact that this moment in time was completely different from the last moment in time and that it would be completely different from the next moment in time because of the journey that the Earth takes throughout the universe.

Jopawa had to chuckle to himself when he recalled his grandfather telling him that people used to think the planets only revolved around the sun in a 2D fashion, rather than spinning in a vorticular manner through the universe – almost as if the planets were following the sun. Jopawa remembered his grandfather also told him that people before his (grandfather’s) time, used to think that the Earth was the center of the universe, until someone took the time to do the math and realized that this was not the case. His grandfather told him back in those days, people rejected the idea that the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe much the same way that they did in his (grandfather’s) time when someone said that the solar system is really spinning through space and not orbiting the sun in a static-like manner.

Just as he had the last thought, the first rays of the sun hit his eyes. With that, he discontinued listening to his thoughts and allowed himself to be fully embodied. Jopawa allowed himself to be fully present to the moment. He allowed himself to be fully aware of the sun rising in the sky and gracing his body with light and warmth.

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