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Wetness Falls From the Sky June 6, 2010

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Gobinwa (pronounced go-been-wah) was on his way home. He had been out near the town, well away from where he lived, because there were things that needed taken care of this week. He didn’t mind walking to and from town and in fact, much preferred it to his wife making the trek. Coincidentally, she much preferred to stay near home to care for the kids and animals that they had.

As Gobinwa walked, he let his mind wander through various topics. As he had already been walking for a while, he had already reflected on a number of things. Most of the things that he left himself think of had to do with what he was looking at during his walk. Mainly, that included trees, plants, flowers, animals, insects, dirt, and things like that. There was lots of environment and nature between Gobinwa’s home and ‘town.’ He really liked being in nature.

Gobinwa continued to walk until he started to hear a sound that he didn’t recognize that stopped him in his tracks. It sounded like something was in the trees as he could tell the sound was coming from the leaves. As he looked up, he felt something fall onto his face that made him confused. He lifted his hand to his face and noticed that it was wet. Had some creature peed on him?

The sound began to get louder and there was more of this wetness falling on him. Something told Gobinwa that he wasn’t being peed on by a creature, but maybe that the environment, itself, was wetting him. After a few more seconds of having the environment make Gobinwa ‘wet,’ he began to embrace what was happening. He lifted his arms up by his sides and leaned his head back as if to welcome the wetness. He allowed himself to really bask and enjoy the abundance of water that was falling from the sky.

When Gobinwa got home, he told his wife all about what had happened to him on his walk home. His wife laughed a little bit when she told him about what she knew to be ‘rain,’ but not in a condescending matter. She laughed because she was able to enjoy Gobinwa’s story of really experiencing the rain for the first time. It was a story that she wouldn’t soon forget and from what she could tell by the look on Gobinwa’s face, she knew it was a story that he wouldn’t soon forget either.

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