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Follow the Drum and the Eagle June 5, 2010

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Auminda (pronounced awe-min-dah) had a favorite time of the week – shamanic drum circle. It was here that he was able to go and forget about his week and – literally – journey. When he lied down on the rough and simultaneously soft dirt as it held his body throughout the process of the journey, he knew that all of his cares would be washed away.

On this particular shamanic journey, there was something a little different. There was nothing different about the beginning. Auminda lied down just as he usually did, closed his eyes as he usually did, relaxed ‘into’ the ground as he usually did, and let his mind wander into a story about where he was ‘going.’ All the while, his body was absorbing the wonderful coherence of the heartbeat created by the drum. As an aside, Auminda wondered if part of the reason he loved coming to the shamanic circle’s was because of the coherence that the drumbeat offered his heartbeat. He knew that the more coherent his heartbeat was, the healthier he was, and that by giving his heart this example (and something to synchronize with) – namely – the drum – that it was easier for his heartbeat to remember what coherence was like.

Anyway, so there was nothing different about the way that he prepared or began this particular shamanic journey, but during the during there was something different. Usually when he was off on these ‘journeys,’ he didn’t remember much of what happened. This particular time, he remembered in great detail what happened.

On this particular journey, he realized that he was getting advice from an eagle. At first, this was kind of strange to Auminda as he had never heard an eagle ‘speak,’ before, but as he remembered harder, he realized that the eagle never actually spoke to him, instead, it was like the eagle was placing sentences and thoughts directly into Auminda’s head. He was a little shaken by this, but he continued to remember what happened.

He was especially surprised at the direction that the eagle gave to him. The eagle told Auminda that he was to quit his job working in the city, for someone else, and move out closer to the country-side where he could form a better relationship to the land. From this relationship with the land, he would be able to create great wealth for himself and his family. He was told that he would serve as an example for his friends and co-workers as they respected him very much. Slowly but surely, people that he liked would follow Auminda’s lead, quit their jobs, and move out into the country-side to develop a greater relationship with the land.

As Auminda reflected back on what the eagle was telling him, he thought that he, himself, Auminda, must be crazy to have imagined this. Auminda went up to the shaman after everyone left to ask him about his experience. He told the shaman what happened during the journey and the shaman explained to him that our minds cannot tell the difference between what we imagine and what we ‘think’ that we actually see with our eyes. He then said with a straight face to him, “So what are you going to do?”

Auminda left the shamanic circle and began his journey to the nearby hotel where he would always stay on Saturdays after the shamanic journey. When he opened the door to his room after checking in, he surveyed the room as he always did and he noticed something different this time. His eyes only just caught it on his initial scan and consequently caused his head to jerk back to get a better look. Gently and ever so delicately on the pillow, there lie an eagle feather! With this synchronicity, he knew what he had to do next. . .

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