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Stars Light the Night Sky June 4, 2010

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Jovina (pronounced joe-vee-nah) loved to look up at the night sky. It was truly one of her favorite things to do. All day, she would think about what it was going to be like to sit atop her favorite rock that was smooth enough for her to lie back on and stare up at the night sky. Seeing those stars scattered across the sky made her feel like there was something more to existence than met the eye. There was just something about all of this light that permeated through the galaxy – travelling millions and millions of light years – until it reached her lying on the rock and more specifically, the rods and cones in her eye that allowed her to perceive light.

Jovina would look into the sky and imagine that the stars actually created characters. Then, she would imagine that these characters would play out elaborate stories as to how they got their place in the sky. She would often giggle at the complex stories that she would come up with. She wondered who would believe that those stars actually formed the shape of a lion and that the lion came to have its place in the sky because a very strong man ‘killed’ it and put it into the sky. Who would believe that?

Either way, it was stories like these that made Jovina smile when she looked up at the night sky. She would study the various star formations and create her entertaining stories. Eventually, she would fall asleep and dream that she was up in the sky with the stars. She would dream that she was able to fly deep into space and meet the stars that she would look at during the night. When she would wake up from being able to ‘meet’ the stars, she wouldn’t always “remember” her dreams, but she would know that she went flying across the galaxy because, invariably, Jovina would always wake up with a little bit of ‘star-dust’ at her feet.

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