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Surrender to the Sea Turtle June 3, 2010

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Even though Ancole (pronounced ann-coal) was still quite young, he wanted to have some sort of spiritual connection or communion with nature. Everyday, he would walk through the forests trying to feel connected to the trees; trying to feel connected to the birds; trying to feel connected to the plants. Then, he would walk down to the ocean and try to feel connected to the sea life or the beach. Nothing he did seemed to work. He still felt as if he was separate from all of the things that he was looking at.

The next morning seemed no different from any other morning. He walked through the forest, doing what he had always done – trying to feel something with his surroundings. Again, to his dismay, no such luck. Upon finishing his walk through the forest he went to the beach, which nuzzled up next to the expansive ocean and instead of trying to feel something, today, he decided he was just going to go swimming. Most times that he would tread out into the ocean, he would be in his head, efforting his way of being. This time, he decided he was tired of that, and he was just going to wade out into the sea and begin swimming.

It had been awhile since he last swam, so initially, it took a little more concentration to achieve a balance to where he wasn’t being knocked out of a rhythm by the waves. Eventually, he got to a point where he was able to swim until a wave came through at which point, he would cease his motion and let the wave carry him. It was kind of like body-surfing, but not quite. Nonetheless, this activity began to bring great joy to Ancole. A smile broke out over his face as he stared up into the crystal blue sky spotted with white fluffy clouds.

For the first time in quite some time, which Ancole didn’t know, he began to relax fully into his body, and consequently, his surroundings. As he was floating on the top of the ocean, he felt something coarse rub against his back and while something like that would have usually startled him, instead, he merely opened his eyes to see what it was. As he was able to maneuver himself into a position to see it, he was surprised to see a sea turtle! In all his time coming to the ocean, he had never seen, much less have a sea turtle come right up to him.

Ancole immediately took a large breath and dove under the water to get a better look at the sea turtle. When he did this, he saw that the sea turtle was wading in place, almost waiting for Ancole to come down under the water and see him. The sea turtle began to swim closer to Ancole, so Ancole stayed where he was. The sea turtle came right up to Ancole and was less than a foot from his face. The two of them, Ancole and the sea turtle, waded there for a little bit just looking at each other. Ancole was amazed at what seemed like great knowledge exuding from the sea turtle. Without warning, the sea turtle appeared to wink at Ancole, turned ever so gracefully, and swam off.

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