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Waves Out of Stillness June 2, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Leinae (pronounced lay-nah) sat peacefully next to the gentle lake. The stillness that was the lake was nearly unimaginable. The surface of the lake was nearly undetectable except when looking at the shoreline. In the water, you could see everything that was near. The trees reflected in such a way to make it look as if the trees were actually growing in the opposite direction from their reflected peer. Leinae thought that this was absolutely gorgeous and through her silence, she had the inkling to move – to act.

Leinae knew that it was important to follow these intuitions, so she did just that. She began to jog around the lake. As she jogged she noticed that she could ‘watch’ herself jog by the reflection in the water. She didn’t expect the reflection to be disturbed by her simple running, but she was still awed by the fact that it was still there and how accurate a representation of the actual thing the reflection happened to be.

Her muscles began to tire, so Leinae sat to take a break near some rocks. She hadn’t noticed this pile of rocks before her run because they were much farther from where she had originally sat down. It was almost amazing to her that this pile of rocks would just be here next to the lake, while mostly grass grew around the lake. Leinae picked up a rock and tossed it into the lake. The rock pierced the skin of the water and shot down to the bottom of the lake, simultaneously causing air to shoot up in the other direction and generating a wave to begin to permeate the surface.

It wasn’t as if Leinae hadn’t seen a wave before, but this time felt a little different. She felt like she truly understood what was really happening when the rock hit the water. Her thoughts on the matter used to be that she would throw a rock and the wave would form. Now, she knew that when she threw the rock, the wave was formed not entirely because of the rock sinking to the bottom, but because of the air that would be forced to go in the opposite direction, thereby creating the wave that she saw.

Leinae threw another rock into the water and watched as the ensuing wave percolated the top of the water. She thought it was wonderful to have a greater understanding of the natural world around her. This made Leinae feel so much more connected to the things going on in the places that were near to her. As she continued to throw rocks into the lake and observe the waves, she wondered what part of nature she was going to have a greater understanding of next. For now, she was overjoyed that she had a more complete understanding of waves.

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