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The Circle of Life June 1, 2010

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Mowavae (pronounced moe-wah-vay) watched carefully from a secure area as the leopard he was watching drank from a nearby stream. He always admired to big cat and its abilities. He especially liked all of the spots on the leopard and wondered why he, himself, didn’t have any spots like the leopard. A few more sips and then the leopard raised its head as if to listen to what was in the area. Mowavae thought that the leopard might have heard him in the bush, but the leopard quickly moved away from the stream.

Seconds later, it was evident that the leopard had heard its next ‘meal’ arriving to take a drink. Mowavae didn’t like so much that other beings needed to die in order for some beings to live, but he understood that this was the cycle of things. Some species gave their life, so that other species could survive. Not only would the leopard be able to survive off of the remains of an animal, but also the other scavenger-type animals who would be left with the scraps when the leopard was done with the majority of the ‘meat’ of the animal. And eventually, the insects would get their turn at the carcass.

Again, while Mowavae may not have liked the perceived death involved, he understood that nothing can die. He knew that all of the energy that organized in a coherent matter to form an animal was not lost once it took its last breath. Instead, the energy un-organizes into the air and the land with all of the other un-organized matter, until it is time for it to reorganize into a coherent manner again, with the ‘birth’ of another being. Mowavae smiled as he remembered this fact of life.

As he was remembering this, the leopard was stealthily stalking its next meal (for not only itself, but for its baby cubs), and then bam! The leopard jumped out of stealth mode and began bounding toward the animal, which appeared to not even run. It was as if the animal was surrendering itself to the leopard and giving up its life, so that the leopard could sustain its. Mowavae thought that it was quite beautiful to watch, especially because he had a greater understanding of what was occurring before him.

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