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A Garden of Abundance May 31, 2010

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One of Ezobitri’s (e-zoe-bee-tree) favo(u)rite times was when she was able to walk through her garden and appreciate the abundance of plant-life. She loved to walk with her bare feet against the earthen soil and feel the moisture between her toes. These sensations always brought a smile to her face. She would take one step very slowly and carefully, so as to fully appreciate each step. Her heel would hit first to give her balance and then slowly, she would roll the outside of her foot all the way until her big toe. As each one of her toes landed individually, she would feel the soil migrating up between her toes and she would already be laughing before her big toe would hit the soil.

Once she got over the giddiness that the moist soil brought to her, she would focus her attention on the garden of abundance that surrounded her. There were plants that were as tall as her! This always made Ezobitri smile. There was one particular plant on this day that caught her attention, so she walked over to it. It was about the same size she was and it had lots of branches off of its original stalk.

She took one of the branches in her hand to feel into the energy of the plant. When she did this, she was immediately struck by how much energy the plant had within its capacity. She then gently let go of the plant and started to engage in a cycle with the plant. The plant she was standing in front of, and every other plant for that matter, expels oxygen, while it needs carbon dioxide to survive. It just so happens that what Ezobitri expelled from her lungs was carbon dioxide and that what she needed to survive was oxygen.

With this knowledge that Ezobitri had, she enjoyed being able to look the plant square-on, so as to acknowledge the plant in gratitude for giving her life. Upon doing that, she began to inhale deep relaxing breaths from the plant and exhaling, long, out-breaths for the plant. On her exhalations, she was also holding the intention of how grateful she was to this plant for giving her oxygen. She did this for a couple of minutes and then got the sense to move away from the plant.

When Ezobitri did this, move away from the plant, her focus became large again, and she noticed that there were millions and millions of plants around. She noticed that it wasn’t just this one plant that was giving her oxygen and that she was giving carbon dioxide to, but it was a whole garden of plants! She chuckled to herself in the realization that it was going to take what might seem like a long time to most people to appreciate all of these plants for giving her oxygen. No matter, she moved onto the next plant and began her communion again. To her, nothing was more important than what she was doing, so she had all the time in the world.



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