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Unique Snow Falls on the Mountain May 30, 2010

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One of Vaskal’s favo(u)rite places in the world was being on one of the summits of the nearby mountain. It wasn’t as if Vaskal could go to the summit every other day, simply because it took 3-4 days to reach the first summit of this mountain. Nonetheless, whenever Vaskal felt moved to climb it, he would prepare his pack and head up the mountain.

Whenever he would climb the mountain, he would feel an overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility. This, even while still scaling through the rocks and snow. He thought that most people only got that feeling when they were sitting still in meditation, but he could not deny that when he was climbing the mountain, his mountain, that he had these feelings that felt so good. It was partly because of those feelings that he kept coming back and climbing.

On the summit that he would spend most of his time, he rather enjoyed looking out into the valley. He felt that looking out from this point really gave him a perspective on life. Vaskal was able to see for miles and everything, from up where he was, looked infinitely smaller than it did when he would see it up close. The tracks of land that grew crops and the trees, the forests, the streams, they all looked small when he would see them from where he stood. He felt that this really allowed him to have a visceral understanding that ‘everything has its place.’

The snow was a magnificent feature of the mountain. Of course, snow nearly always covered the top of the mountain making it a snow-capped mountain, but sometimes, on the summit that he would spend most of his time, it would snow, too.  He liked to lay face-up towards the sky and watch the snow fall. Whenever he did this, he almost always laughed as soon as the first snow flake hit his face. It was something that always brought him great joy.

The snow was also able to teach Vaskal something. When he turned on his side to examine the flakes that were falling, he noticed that the snow flakes formed beautiful fractal shapes and that he had never been able to see a snowflake that looked the same as one of the others. He wondered if this, the geometrical and fractal shapes, was what allowed snow to stack and interlock, making it look like it was one big being, rather than millions of small snow flakes. He also wondered if this was how ocean or water formed, too. Maybe it was that water looked like snow crystals, but it’s just so hard to separate out one piece of the water from the whole. Regardless, he knew that when snow crystals joined together, they looked infinitely expansive and that the same was true of water.

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