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Forest Fragrances Fill the Air May 29, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Newa (pronounced nee-wah) and his dog, Kina (pronounced kee-nah), loved to go for walks together. Well, that’s not exactly right. Newa would walk and Kina would race to and fro. That is, Kina would dash off into the greenery and about 1 minute later, would emerge to see if Newa was still there, which he was, and then Kina would dart back into the green. They loved walking, Newa and Kina. Newa loved it because he could smell the natural fragrances abound throughout the forest and Kina loved it, well, for the same reasons. Dogs love to smell things and this forest that they walked through was no different.

As Newa continued walking through the forest, ducking under branches low-hanging branches and jumping over protruding roots of trees, he couldn’t help but stop nearly every meter or so, just to smell a new flower that was inviting itself to be noticed. He would stop in front of a blossom, square up his body to it, bend his torso down towards the flower such that it would be easier for him to smell the flower… and instantly! He would breathe in the scent of the flower and would feel connected to the flower not just in the moment, but in the forever kind of way. He would get a flash of images that would show the flower from when it was first a seed in the soil, slowly poking itself up through the barrier between the ground and the air. Then, he would see it stretching and growing itself up towards the sun, until finally, a bud would begin to form at the top. The bud would slowly begin to open until a blossom was left.

Newa absolutely loved this! He loved going from flower to flower and connecting with the flower by smelling it and taking in part of the flower’s gifts and then seeing how the flower first began. Newa stepped back from the flower he was currently standing at to gaze upon the rest of the forest. While today he noticed that he seemed to be focusing on flowers, not for any particular reason, just because it felt like the thing to do that day, he wondered when he would get the inclination to do the same kind of fun game with the trees or the plants that surrounded him and gave him shade from the warm sun as he walked along the forest’s bottom.

Newa was suddenly shaken out of his reverie because he noticed that his leg began to feel wet. He looked down and there was Kina licking his leg. Newa smiled at this and bent down to rub and give some love to Kina. Newa’s dog appeared very happy by this and they began to continue their walk through the forest. Smelling the intoxicating fragrances left by such wondrous beings.

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