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Swimming Soothes the Soul May 26, 2010

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Enahsa (pronounced eh-nah-sah) gently slipped off her clothes and slid into the lake. Surrounded by a forest, being at the lake made Enahsa feel like she had the place all to herself. She loved coming to this lake and swimming in its water. The lake is naturally occurring and the water in it always felt so pure to her. She loved to swim back and forth, to and from, and all-around in its glory.

Today, Enahsa decided that she was going to see if she could feel into the water. She wanted to see if she could feel extra connected to the water that she was swimming in. When she came to swim at this lake, undoubtedly, she felt connected, but it was sometimes a superficial connection. This time, she wanted to feel that the water and her were really synced and moving as one. To do this, she engaged her awareness such that it was not purely in her head, but throughout her body. First, she went down the length of her spine and then forward towards her belly button, so that she would be completely aware of her midsection. Second, she continued on down through her legs, all the way down to the tips of her toes.

Now, she was fully embodied. Now, she felt like she was in her whole body. When she kicked her legs or moved her arms, she knew that the water could feel her and that she could feel the water. She swam around like this for a little bit feeling the connection between the water and her body. Then, she got a novel idea. . . ‘why don’t I become the water?’ So, Enahsa set out to do just that. She let herself float to the top of the water as she lay on her back and let the water hold her form. She began by taking some deep breaths and allowing her body to completely relax. As she did this, she couldn’t help but notice the beauty and wonder of the place she was in. She had found an oasis in the middle-of-nowhere and it was wonderful. She wondered if there were more places like this on the Earth and she wondered if there were people who went off exploring to find them.

As she began appreciating the nature around her and relaxing deeply into her body, she suddenly felt it! She was the water. To Enahsa, it felt as if her body was no longer her boundary, but instead, it felt like she was the lake. It felt like she was the water. It felt like she was all-expansive and reaching out to touch the shores on many sides. It was a wonderful feeling and like nothing she had ever felt before. It was a wonderful feeling to Enahsa and it made her wonder what it would be like to merge with other natural and wonderful things on the planet.

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