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Gentle Waves Kiss the Shore May 19, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Looella (pronounced lou-ell-a) sat cross-legged on the abundance of white sand that filled the beach as far as the eye could see. Her eyes fixed on the ever-present waves that crested and met the land. She loved coming to this spot because she really felt like she got to watch nature happen in real-time. There was something about the waves to her that continued to captivate her attention and mesmerize her mind.

She often spent time letting her thoughts come and go as she stare into the waves. During one of these times when thoughts would come and go, the thought of ‘surrender’ of ‘letting go’ came to her and she had some sort of epiphany. As the thought was in her mind, she noticed that a wave was cresting and falling at that exact moment. In an instant – synchronicity! It came together for her.

The water is one whole being. It is forever connected to itself. If you touch the ocean off of the coast of California, it will be the same water that is off of the coast of India (more or less). The water is forever moving in and moving out. When the water is in a cycle of moving out (or moving towards the land), it cannot return (or move towards the center of the ocean) without ‘letting go’ or surrendering.

Looella began to realize that when the water approaches the shore, the only way that it can then return to itself is by ‘letting go’ and ‘surrendering.’ The water must allow itself to crest and then fall… fall into the land and then slide back into itself. This process of surrendering at the peak of its existence is what allows the water to return to itself. Looella really liked this idea and wondered if it was something that could be applied to other areas of nature. She wondered if it was that plants had to surrender when they were at the peak of their existence, so that they could then return to themselves. Then she wondered, is it like that for humans? Is it that humans must surrender at the peak of their existence, if they want to return to themselves?

Many thoughts come to Looella as she sits by the water. Listening to the waves peaking and surrendering. Cresting and then falling. This is not a time nor a space for Looella to be using the logical part of her brain. Looella comes to the ocean to merely sit and watch the magnificence of the ocean in all its glory. She comes to notice the expansiveness of the water and connect with something that she feels is far beyond the level of words.

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