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Without Up, There Isn’t Down May 18, 2010

Posted by TheIntentionalSage in Nature, Visions.
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Reena (pronounced ree-nah) was strolling through the forest when she came to a tree. This was not any kind of tree, this was the tree. It was so wide that she couldn’t get her arms around it and it was so tall that when she creaked her neck to look up at it, she had to arch her back until it was nearly parallel to the ground! This was a massive tree. Not only was the tree’s stature so large, the tree also had an energetic quality to it that was different from the other trees. It was almost as if this tree was the ‘captain’ tree to all of the trees around it and maybe even for the whole forest. Energetically speaking, Reena knew that there had to be two trees like this – one to hold the masculine energy and one to hold the feminine energy.

Reena made it her mission this time while she was in the forest to find the other tree holding the energy for the forest. She was pretty sure that the tree in front of her was holding the masculine energy, so she was going to go looking for the tree holding the feminine energy. With that thought, she slowly walked up to the tree and turned around such that she could lean her spine up against the tree. She knew that by doing this, it would be easier for her to connect with the tree and tap into the location of the other tree. When her whole spine was touching the tree, Reena received a flash of information in mere milliseconds and the energy from that exchange jolted her off of the tree.

In that instant, Reena had received not just the information for where the feminine energy was being held, but she also received a burst of information about the whole forest and all of the forests in the nearby area. She learned that her idea was not only possible, but it was how things actually were. She was able to see all of the other forests and their ‘two’ trees that held the feminine and masculine energy. She was so overcome with joy that her idea was validated that she sat down up next to the tree and reveled in her joy.



1. bendedspoon - August 5, 2010

such a deep connection. sometimes i also forget how connected we all are. thanks for this 🙂

TheIntentionalSage - August 5, 2010

I’m just doing what I can with the power that I was given (as we all were) to create infinite possibilities. 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

The Intentional Sage

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