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Friends in the Forest April 16, 2010

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A gentle breeze wafts through the leaves. The trees appearing so stately as their leaves dance with the wind. The grass bowing in appreciation as it is being kissed by the air. A young human, Freivo (pronounced fray-voh), sits beneath the tree enjoying the shade offered from the branches bustling with joyful inhabitants. Birds chirping in flight as they glide in for their delicate landings. Freivo brushes his long hair out of his face, so as to get a better view of the meadow that lay in front of him.

Without a second thought, Freivo jumps to his feet and begins running through the meadow. His bare feet connecting with the Earth only to be torn away to take the next step and then connect again. His arms cut through the air like knives through warm butter. The smile on his face is ear-to-ear as this is one of the things he loves to do the most – run without cause – in fact, just cause. He reaches the end of the meadow and stops. He takes a deep inhale and feels all of the oxygen molecules entering his lungs – right down to the bottom of his lungs – and then exhales the carbon dioxide.

Freivo closes his eyes and puts his hands out to touch the tree at the beginning of the forest where he finds himself. Freivo again, takes a deep breath and then exhales directly at the tree. Freivo understands that trees need what he has [carbon dioxide] to survive just as much as he needs what the tree has [oxygen] to survive. A few more large deep breaths and exhalations for the tree and Freivo begins his journey into the forest.

The branches below his feet make for an entertaining crackling sound with each step he takes. Peering around trees and looking up into the branches, Freivo can see all kinds of colorful winged-animals. Birds that he knows he can only see when he enters the forest. He especially loves it when there are breaks in the leaves from the trees up above that cause the sun to come shining on down to the forest floor. At certain times of day, this phenomenon makes it look almost as if there is someone above the trees that is intentionally shining a light down into the forest illuminating everything in its path.

Freivo continues his walk through the forest until he hears a crackling that was not caused by his own foot. He quickly bends down low and nestles himself up next to the tree. Angling himself to get a better look at what made the sound, Freivo sees a wolf sauntering in his direction. The wolf, unaware of Freivo’s presence, continues to analyze the appearances in front of him as he makes he way nearer to Freivo. Just as the wolf is about to reach the tree that Freivo is hiding behind, Freivo jumps out and tackles the wolf. The two of them begin rolling around on the bottom of the forest until the wolf is on top and he begins to lick Freivo’s face. Freivo starts to laugh uncontrollably!

It has been a few days since he saw this wolf in the forest. The wolf dismounts Freivo, allowing him to climb to his feet. Freivo says to the wolf, “Let’s go this way,” pointing in a different direction than either of them were originally going. The wolf nods in approval and the two head through the forest happy to have found each other.

(This Imagining continues on with the Imagining on November 8th, 2010, and can be found here: Friends in the Forest (continued))



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